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I do not promise you the moon, I promise you happiness and financial prosperitty. Here are some of the thousands of REAL testimony that are verifiable upon request.

Good evening my dear Chris, I don't know how to thank you for all the work you have done for me. Really thank you again because all you wrote me is true, you almost saw everything about my life.


Dear Chris, I want to thank you for your understanding. I want to thank you too for the time and energy that you spent to help me. I wish you good fortune and prosperity


Dear Chris
The main reason of my email today is to thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have the power to help people. I feel so much better now. All I see and I feel is clear now.


Good morning,
I hope that you are doing well. I waited all my life for your salutary help, your email answered all my expectations. You are the spirtual one of my destiny. The landmarks you placed progressively on my path are really bringing me positive results. I cannot wait to receive your training, and I promise to make good use of it and to study it carefully. Thank you for all the wealth you are offering me, their value are invaluable.


I send you this email to thank you for all you have done for me and the teaching to develop my qualities for a better life on this earth. I have this feeling that I new all along that I will meet someone like you, I wish that now I can become who I always wanted to be becaus as I say often, I always had this feeling that his life what not the life i was suppose to live!!! I wish to suceed now with you on my side.
Your friend, Virginie


Thank you Chris for all you have done for me and I hope you will continue to help me.


First, I would like to thank you for all you did for me. Since I'd contacted you I began to have hope and a smile on my face.
Have a very good day.

Mary Thereesa

Hi Chris ,
I was surprise by some of the thing you wrote about my current and past life.
How did you saw where I was living ? Is it remote viewing? It's incredible!


I'm very touched by the accuracy of some revelations in your 2 previous emails .
I 'm not use to talk about me, but you succeed to see more than 70% of my life and to clearly see my real personality. thank you again for you psychic reading.


My dearChris,
I want to thank you for your generosity with your free psychic reading and I was very impressed.
Now I know you are not only good at what you are doing, but you are extraordinary too my dear Chris.
I sent you a little simple gift to express my gratitude. It's a little necklace and I hope you will like because you already did so much for me compared to other people who called themselves "psychic medium" and don't have any talent. i'm impatient to hear from you and I am so glad that our paths crossedte like you say so.
Waiting to hear from you my dear friend.

Mary Christine

I write you to tell you that you hit the bull eye.
I'm very impressed with your psychic reading.
I didn't believe in that before
I'm impatient to read what is next
Havea very good day my dear Chris.


Hello dear Chris. I'm starting to realize that my life is changing. I realize too that my husband is more happy with me, less stress and he is doing better. It looks like he start to look at life the way I do. Even my parents notices it. They saw that he is changing in the right direction for our relationship (.....)Thank you ! I have trust in my future now because of friend like you that give me the joy of life and put me on the right path that I can finally feel the taste of happiness in my mouth. Thank you so so so much for your help. I really appreciate it. It has been overwarming to see someone somewhen that want to see me happy in my life. I leave you alone now and wish you a good day, Talk to you later this week. 


THANK YOU for your help
THANK YOU for your courage
THANK YOU for your support
THANK YOU for your determination to help me
THANK YOU for your patience


Yes, I'm stunned, coming from work and reading your psychic reading! No one but you has ever described me with such an authenticity before. How can you do that? Each of your sentences us an accurate and truthful description of me. You did it in a few words and you talk about me better than i do!
I read you psychic reading 4 times... I cannot believe it! It's like you followed me in my mind all your life and know exactly what I feel.
I don't know how to express it. SInce 10 years I try to improve my life, and I was always very suspisious about Pychic medium. I prefer to rely on myself, my own intuitions. But today, I congratulate you, I know you have an exceptional gift and that you can understand the invisible energies of this world. On that note, I wish you a good night and I decided to follow your advice. Thank you for this precious time you took for me. Good night


I'm so in love right now.
It's a great love ; stronger every day and with Eric that I met on internet, we are going to meet soon. I have a hard to time believe that it happens to me. But I know he is the one, the love of my live, my soulmate ; I am a very intuitive person and I really feel it.
I met him not a long time after contacted you and requested you help and I really think it is not a coincidence. Thank you Chris, I believe in you. Add to that, since you help me, I recieve the evaluation that my boss did on my new position and it is full of compliment. Finally, the wheel seems to turn for me, I can feel it. And I really feel I deserve it, without beeing pretentious at all. Thank you Chris. Talk to you soon.


I know you are overloaded by work and you are not obliged to answer me. I learned from your teaching and I'm blamng others systematically now. I know how to look at myself in the mirror and to recognize my mistakes. Nothing is black or white, gray exists too. At the end of the tunnel, there is light, I'm not talking about death, but about life, and I decided because of you that mine is going to start today! I gave enough, and because of you I start to think about me first. Thank you for everything, you are my friend forever. I know for sure that we are going to meet one day, my gardian angel told me... my 6th sens perhaps? Who knows? I'm sending you a lot of positive energy with my onest friendship. Thank you my friend.


My dear Chris,
First I wanted to thank you from my heart for what you did for me. Luck is back ! My Life completely changed and everyone is telling me that I look like I rediscovered the joy of living. Wallet side, it is still pretty empty, but I feel it's not going to last. My dear friend Chris, I hope you have a wonderful christmas time and wish you joy and love.
Your friend,


Hello Chris. I don't know where to start, I have so much joy in my heart. Things have changed for me and for the best. First, I feel a lot better, I'm more confident, I'm not afraid to move forward. And more than that, my reatest happiness come from the fact that my l lost love came back to me last night and I wanted to tell to you right away. How to say it, thank you, no its not enough compare to how fast your work for me did had an effect on my life. We still have a lot to do together and I want to go as deep as neccessary so , please don't give up on me.I believe so strongly in you, you are extraordinary. Thank you for having insisted to accept your help. Your advice and your inspiration were a big help when I was not feeling good. Thank you again, You gave a meaning to my life, and because of you I feel alive again. What can I do know except to honor you, yest this is the word. Your gift and your work are wonderfull. That's it Chris, as promised , I will keep you up to date with my progress and everything new in my life because of you. Please don't give yp on me, I still need you. God bless you and even more. Your Friend, Christine. God protect you..



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