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The Extraordinary Chris - psychic medium- astrologer - tarologist Emotional, Financial, bad luck or something else?... I CAN HELP YOU!

A very serious medium extraordinary gifted in his art

Understanding someone means knowing what they have done. It would take a Book to describa all the things that Chris has done from his childhood to his forties, but we can look at the main points as landmarks in his life.

chrisAll of this gives him extraordinary knowledge about himself and others. So extraordinary, in fact, that everyone who meets him soon asks him to pass on his secrets to them, and to give them his energy and knowledge.

He does this naturally, just as he always has done: With total dedication. CHRIS has never prospered financially, always dedicting everything to his research and to others. Why? Because he loves to.


...Whatever your problems are
Chris can help you with his hypno-telepathic sessions

His serenity, generosity, and intense happiness all shine through in his every gesture, in his gaze, and in his remarkably calm and sensual voice. Surrounded by friends, he is truly "magnetic", he enthrails all who come close to him, something truly "magic".

He doesn't let any of this affect him though, and remains enthusiastic about his work: There search that he still carries out, and his exchanges with everyone who writes to him - people who he really helps by transmitting to them all of his being.

Are these statements unfounded? Not at all! Anyone can see for themselves: You only have to come into contact with CHRIS, to receive a slice of well being that restores your confidence in life an others. It Changes everything!

Fascinated by the cosmos and its mysteries, he set up his first astronomy labotary when he was just twelve years old! When he was fifteen, he represented his region at an international congress in Geneva.

During that same time, he began to study hypnosis with a doctor. At seventeen, he gave his first university conference. At eighteen , he gave his first public demonstration in front of 1,800 spectators. At the same time he was completing his higher studies of modern French and Psychology.

At twenty, he became the youngest professional in Europe, and began carrying out experimental work both on medical hypnosis (with groups of doctors) and on parapsychological phenomena (telepathie, etc.).

Then, one after another, came his world "firsts" Radio hypnosis (with experiments in anti-smoking, bulimia, stress), collective telepathic experiments (with 50,000 listeners), television hypnosis (2 million people were sent to sleep). All of these were great successes.

Then followed his therapeutic operations, his conference tours and his research trips (10 years in Africa) to understand the mysteries of the human mind and the positive benefits paranormal practices can bring to man.

... To receive from this exceptional man
that slice of well being that restores
your condifence in life and others...