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Terms of use

The user connecting to the site must be a person aged over 18 years and will be designated hereinafter in the Conditions by the term "User".

The only act to enter this website constitutes acceptance by the user of the terms of use and conditions. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, please do no use the services offered by

Our terms of use are intended to define the overall relationship between the company HK INTERNET GROUP (hereinafter reffered to as "The Extraordinary Chris") and Users of its services located at and those of special partners of this website (or any subsequent URL wich may replace this address). You agree to abide by these Terms of Use.

The use of certain services may be subject to compliance with specific conditions. These specific conditions are considered an integral part of these Terms of Use. reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Use. You are therefore advised to review the most current version of the Terms of Use at the following address:

1.0 "The Extraordinary Chris" Services

The Extraordinary Chris is a website dedicated to astrology (the "Site").
The Extraordinary Chris provides to its users via the global Internet network where appropriate and by email, a number of free and paid services related to the field of astrology.
The Extraordinary Chris offers its users:
- free services for horoscopes
- paid services consisting in providing customized reports and data
- paid services consultation of astrologers and tarot readers via email.

3. Access

To access theWebsite and using the Services, Users must have Internet access either directly or through devices that access to Internet content. The cost of telephon econnection enabling access to the Internet and the website will remain the sole responsibility of the User.

The User must also bring all necessary equipment to ensure the Internet connection, including computer and modem or other connection tool and have the appropriate login and an email address.

4. Site Services "The Extraordinary Chris"

4.1 Services for free:
To access the free services and free email, the User must provide their first name, gender, date of birth, and register with the site "The Extraordinary Chris" to become a member by completing the form found on the pages provided for this purpose.

The user can always delete their profile by contacting the team of the website "The extraordinary Chris' email: .

4.2 Services for consultations with Chris by email:
Chris undertake to make every effort to answer questions from Users on average within 48 hours (from order date).
However, the website "The Extraordinary Chris" does not guarantee the user a systematic response within 48 hours. The response time depends on the intensity of the flow of user questions.
Chris" reserve the right not to answer questions from users.

4.3 Membership:
The website "The Extraordinary Chris" provides users with a paid subscription service with:
- Premium Daily Horoscope by e-mail
- Premium Weekly Horoscope by e-mail
- Hypno-telepathy treatment

At the end of the membership perido, the user's subscription is automatically renewed by tacit agreement and for an identical period.

The User may terminate or not renew their membership at any time by accessing the subscriber's account. To do this: You must contact us by email to: and to write the identifying code supplied on the "Thank You" page that appeared just after the user subscribed to a service offered that included a membership.

The user can ask any question about the account and membership by contacting Chris by email at:

4.4 Quality of services:
In order for the "The Extraordinary Chris" to provide efficient services, customized to the user, undertakes (1) to provide current, complete and accurate information as requested from the website "The Extraordinary Chris. "(2) If any update is needed, to contact Chris or use the the page reserved for this purpose.

5. Termination

The website "The Extraordinary Chris" reserves the right to terminate the account of any member immediately and permanently deny access to any User Services if:

- The member has provided false information when registering
- The user has interfered with other users of the website "The Extraordinary Chris"
- The user has violated "Terms of Use" of the website.

The website "The Extraordinary Chris" will also have the option to terminate the account of a member if it is inactive for more than ninety (90) consecutive business days.

The website "The Extraordinary Chris" reserves the right at any time, to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Service, without having to first inform the user. The website "The Extraordinary Chris" can not be held responsible against the user or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

6. The Commitments of any User

The right to use the Services is personal to the User.

The User agrees not to resell and not to use any of the content of this website for commercial purposes without the prior written consent from the site "The Extraordinary Chris."

The Terms of use s is subject and governed by U.K. laws and regulations.

The User acknowledges and agrees to assume exclusive liability for the content he will transmit through the website.

The User agrees not to use the website and the Services for illegal purposes in particular not to send messages contrary to public order and morality, and defamatory, elements detrimental to the privacy of third, not to transmit messages, information elements that could affect in any way the rights of the website "The Extraordinary Chris" and / or third party rights in particular not to prejudice the economic rights of the website "The Extraordinary Chris" and / or those of others, to inform the site "The Extraordinary Chris" any violation of which the User may be aware, not to access or attempt to gain unauthorized other computer systems or networks connected to the website, not to interfere in the use and enjoyment of any Services by other Users; not use the Site to transmit viruses, Trojan horses or other harmful programs.

7. Warranties

The User agrees and understands that the Services are provided "As it is". The website "The Extraordinary Chris" assumes no responsibility for the duration, cancellation, misdelivery or failure to register the information of a user or the implementation of personalization.

The use of the Services is at the sole risk of the user who will be solely responsible for any damage caused to his computer or data loss resulting from downloading content.

The website "The Extraordinary Chris" provides no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including without limitation, statements regarding the results to be obtained through the use of the Services.

In case of failure to deliver or claim, the website "The Extraordinary Chris" prompts the user to contact customer service on the website.
The website "The Extraordinary Chris" also points out the essentially entertaining aspect of the services offered to the users.

The website "The Extraordinary Chris" does not warrant that (i) the Service will fully meet the expectations of the user (ii) the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free (iii) the results that can be obtained using the service will be accurate or reliable (iv) the quality of information obtained from the services will match your expectations, and (v) defects in the software, if any, will the be corrected.

In any case, services provided by "The Extraordinary Chris" does not constitute legal advice, psychological, medical, professional or financial. Similarly, services of the "The Extraordinary Chris" can not be a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis made ​​by a health professional.

8. Disclaimer

The website "The Extraordinary Chris "will not be liable for direct and indirect, of any nature whatsoever in included, although this list is not exhaustive, loss of profits resulting from:

1. the use or inability to use the Services,

2. all goods or services purchased or obtained through the website or messages received or transactions entered into through the Services and website "The Extraordinary Chris"

- the loss due to unauthorized access or alteration of transmissions of a user or data, or
- for costs of providing goods or services alternative, even if the website "The Extraordinary Chris" has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

9. Compensation

The User undertakes to ensure the webiste "The Extraordinary Chris" and its sister companies or affiliates against any damage, claim or demand (including, without this list being exhaustive, the cost of attorneys) third row from the broadcast, distribution or transmission of Content on the Site, the use of the Services, violation of these Terms or the rights of others.

10. Intellectual Rights of the website "The Extraordinary Chris"

The User acknowledges and agrees that the Content included in this list without being limited to text, software, music, sound, photographs, videos, drawings or other material contained in sponsor advertisements or distributed via electronic mail, trade information produced and presented by the website "The Extraordinary Chris", its suppliers or advertisers is protected by U.K. intellectual property law, trademark law, patent law or other proprietary rights and laws. The User is not authorized to copy, use, reproduce, distribute or create derivative works from the Content without the express consent of the site "The Extraordinary Chris", its suppliers or advertisers.

11. Length of Terms

The Terms of Use are effective starting when the User subscribe to the website by feeling one of the form available and will continue indefinitely unless terminated.

12. Modification of the Terms of use and / or Conditions

The website "The Extraordinary Chris" reserves the right at any time, to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Service, without having to first inform the user. The website "The Extraordinary Chris" can not be held responsible against the user or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.
The website "The Extraordinary Chris" may at any time amend the provisions of the Terms of use.

In case of conflict between the articles of the Terms of Use and in case of any changes that would be made ​​in particular to respect the national laws and current regulations, the amendments shall prevail.

13. Notification and Claims

All notices, claims and demands for refunds should be made ​​in writing and may be sent by mail to the following address: "The Extraordinary Chris" HK INTERNET - Room L, 3/F., Block Back, Ming Sang Industrial Building, No. 21 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Customer service is the first step, however, available on This customer service via e-mail address is able to directly address the critical remarks and customer complaints.
In the case of a claim, the customer must provide the tracking number associated with the order number which has been given on the confirmation page of their order, or in the email that sent them immediately after ordering a service proposed by email or on the website

14. Miscellaneous
These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the website "The Extraordinary Chris" and the User with regard to use of the Services and supersedes any agreement eventually reached earlier between the User and the website "The Extraordinary Chris. "
The default for the website "The Amazing Chris" to take advantage of his rights granted by these Terms of Use shall in any way constitute a waiver of those rights. In the event that any article of these Terms of Use is dismissed by a court, the parties agree to guide the judge in the appreciation of the judge to consider the common intention of the parties , the other articles remaining valid and continue to apply between the parties.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are governed by U.K. law. In case of any dispute relating to these Terms, exclusive jurisdiction is given to the Tribunal de Commerce de Geneve, except in case of disputes with non-traders for whom the rules apply to legal competence.

(Revision 02/13/2012)