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THE EXTRAORDINARY CHRIS” is a service offered by:

HK INTERNET GROUP LIMITED (hereinafter also referred to as “The Organiser”) domiciled at 41 Walsingham road, Enfield, middx EN2 6EY , UK; and commercial registration number 1703880, (hereinafter “The Organiser”).

“The Organiser” is rendering this service in accordance with the following conditions, which are exclusively applicable to the service that is offered on and through the website “” (hereinafter “THE WEBSITE”). Any other marketing or distribution channel may involve changes with regard to these conditions.

1 - Participation:

Any individuals may participate in this service called “THE EXTRAORDINARY CHRIS” who are older than 18 years of age, with the full capacity to enter into agreements, and who have read and accepted these Conditions of Use (this document may be printed and stored by visitors and users), and, where applicable, are registered as users and comply with the obligations inherent to the status of partners.

Any registration establishing that the user does not comply with the conditions for participation (due, among other reasons, to being a minor, or not accepting its conditions) will not be considered valid. Therefore, the user, even having provided their data, will not be considered a registered user, nor will their data be stored in any way.

2 - Description of the service:

By way of “THE EXTRAORDINARY CHRIS”, “The Organiser” offers a system of information in the arts and sciences of divination, especially astrology, numerology, taromancy and horoscopy.

Said system of information may have two varieties:

a) free services in matters of the arts and sciences of divination, especially astrology, numerology, taromancy and horoscopy by email.
b) paid customized services, offering individualized products and/or services in matters of the arts and sciences of divination, especially astrology, numerology, taromancy and horoscopy.

The distinction between both types will be made, in any event, in a manner that leaves no question about its nature, and it will include the applicable terms and conditions

In any case, the information that is offered, whether it is free or compensation is provided by way of a donation and/or payment, shall not be considered medical, legal, real estate, psychological, emotional or economic/financial advice or advice of any other type. Furthermore, it shall not be used as a foundation for making decisions. It should not replace the advice of other professionals. It is of a recreational, cultural and playful nature, in an esoteric and/or spiritual setting, providing a different perspective about the aspects that are the subject of the consultation and information.

All products or services that, where applicable, are offered by this website and/or the subsequent communications thereof will be digital, with the exception of possible telephone consultations, being sent to their recipient at their email address that, where applicable, has been provided.

The name “The Extraordinary Chris” is a commercial and trade name and “” is also a commercial and technical trade name. In both cases, the rights regarding them are held by “The Organiser”.

3 - Operation of the service:

THE WEBSITE” allows free access (beyond the costs arising, where applicable, from accessing the Internet) without the need to provide any personal data or payment.

As an option, users may choose, subject to the expressed approval of these Conditions of Use, for a fortune telling performed by “The Organiser” that will be sent to the email address provided by the user at no cost.

Said fortune telling, like the information provided directly by “THE WEBSITE”, shall not be considered, medical, legal, real estate, psychological, emotional or economic/financial advice or advice of any other sort. Furthermore, it shall not be used for making decisions. It should not replace the advice of other professionals. It is of a recreational, cultural and playful nature, in an esoteric and/or spiritual setting, providing a different perspective about the aspects that are the subject of the consultation and information. It is performed base on variables arising from the personal data of the user.

In addition to requesting the personal data necessary for rendering the service (which is the purpose of their request), throughout the registration process, or even at the end of it, the user may be offered to enter into an agreement regarding specific extra services, digital media products and/or promotions or services of third parties, which are always additional and optional.

Under no circumstances will they involve services that use communication systems with additional charges.

4 - Mechanics of the Service:

In relation to the free service, it consists of fortune telling customised to the user, sent for free by email to the user. The user may subsequently receive new readings, fortune tellings and/or other information of interest to them.

Additionally and optionally, the user may purchase specific customized products or services. In said cases, and in accordance with the conditions of the product/service that, where applicable, is specified in the corresponding section of the website or in the commercial communications that are sent regarding the matter, the user must provide a method of payment for said products/services. In any event, the digital nature of said products/services shall be taken into account for the purposes of the right to withdrawal, which is indicated in the last paragraph of this point, being inapplicable given the nature of the commissioned products/services after they are provided.

In any event, in order to proceed with payment for any additional product or service and the Client shall follow each and every one of the instructions that are shown on the corresponding page or in the commercial communications that are sent regarding the matter. Payment of the price for the products and/or services may only be done by credit or debit cards or other forms of payment that are indicated at that time. Said methods of payment will be subject to confirmation and authorisation by the issuing institutions. However, if said institution does not authorise payment, the purchase procedure that was initiated may not continue, and the request will be automatically cancelled, being understood that the purchase of the product and/or service was not executed.

Charges of the price for the specific products and/or services, for the shipment service (where applicable), in addition to any other taxes that are applicable, will be made at the time the request is formalised.

Charges to an account by way of a credit or debit card will always be done in United States dollars or in euros for the amounts indicated at that time, as stated on the website. For informational purposes (which are not exhaustive or official), “The Organiser” provides, prior to and simultaneously with the commissioning of its products and/or services, a tool for converting currency performed by independent third parties for better and greater information to users and Clients. In any event, due to the fluctuations of the currency market and the free adoption of exchange rates by banking institutions, or due to the existence of commissions by the banking institutions, it is possible that the amounts effectively charged in currency different from United States dollars or euros will slightly differ from those that are indicated for informational purposes, for which “The Organiser” is completely uninvolved, who guarantees that it only generates payment orders for the amount that is nominally indicated.

As an electronic payment system, “The Organiser” has installed an electronic commerce payment gateway. All of the data provided to “The Organiser” for these purposes is encrypted in order to guarantee its maximum security, and it is stored on a secure server certified according to the “Secure Socket Layer” protocol. Under no circumstances will the data from bank cards be stored in the files of “The Organiser”, but rather, where applicable, and for the sole purposes of the contractual process that is executed, by the bank payment gateway.

A period of 14 days is established from the time of the purchase to exercise the right of withdrawal. In any event, the right of withdrawal is excluded in any cases where, due to the nature of the goods/services that are the subject of the purchase, it is impossible to perform, including, specifically: Products provided according to the specifications of the consumer or that are clearly customised and/or digital files, supplied electronically, that can be downloaded or reproduced immediately for their permanent use. This aspect must be taken into account especially given that, unless stated otherwise, all products that, where applicable, are offered by way of this website and/or subsequent communications that are sent due to said website, will be digital, except for possible telephone consultations, being sent to the recipient by way of an email address that, where applicable, they have provided.

5 - Commercial Communications:

The users of “THE WEBSITE” are informed and provide their authorization to receive advertising by “The Organiser” as well as, where applicable, from the sponsors and/or companies with which a commercial agreement has been reached, always regarding products and services of interest to them.

This communication may be sent by way of any of the channels provided by the participant: email, SMS, telephone, mail or through the use of social media and computer applications. Acquiring the status of a registered user implies the acceptance of these participation conditions and the aforementioned authorisation.

In addition, unless communicated otherwise, they may receive, in any of the described methods, information and advertising from other related companies or entities concerning the following sectors that may be of interest to them:

Telecommunications. Hobbies. Games. Health. Fashion. Household Goods. Toys. Music. Furniture. Health. Finance. Leisure. Training. Automotive. NGOs. Consulting. Travel. Insurance. Textiles. Beauty. Editorials. Esotericism. Consumer Goods. Energy. Collecting. Water. Video. Cleaning. Food. Cosmetics. Meetings and Contacts

The commercial communications may include one or several cookies/markers/beacons that will have both technical purposes (making it possible to improve the receipt of said communications, informing us if they have been received/opened) and advertising purposes, in order to allow for better interaction with the beneficiaries of said commercial communications. Said markers, whether they are “session” or “permanent” markers have a specific duration, are technically protected against third parties and do not in any case make it possible to identify the user, only customize their experience for better treatment. At any time they may revoke the consent that was provided from accepting these conditions by sending an email to HYPERLINK, or by properly configuring their browser and system for accessing/reading email.”

The users may totally or partially revoke the consent at any time that was provided upon receiving advertising communications by sending an email to the sender of said communications and to A total revocation communicated to “The Organiser” will also automatically entail the cancellation of the user's data from the files belonging to the “The Organiser”, blocking them. They will only be kept, where applicable, for ensuring compliance with legal or contractual obligations. Total revocation implies the loss of the status as a user.
In addition to what is set forth by national law applicable to the organiser of this service, any individuals whose personal data is subject to processing may exercise at no cost the rights of opposition, access, rectification, blocking, cancellation and information regarding their data. These rights may be exercised through one of the following methods:
In writing, by sending their request, along with the documentation proving their identity, to the following address:

41 Walsingham road,
middx EN2 6EY ,

Or to the email address:

6 - Privacy policy

“The Organiser” will protect their data in accordance with the regulations concerning data protection that are applicable to them. The files are located on the server of “The Organiser” that has the highest levels of security required by the law that is applicable concerning the protection of data.
“The Organiser”, in accordance with applicable regulations, will keep the personal data that it has collected and will adopt the measures that are necessary to prevent its unauthorized alteration, loss, handling or access.
All of the information provided during the registration process must be accurate, complete and precise. The user is required to contact “The Organiser” (by any of the means indicated in the previous paragraph) in the event changes are made to the supplied information.
All of the provided data may, where applicable, be provided to third-party affiliated companies or companies subcontracted by “The Organiser” for performing specific procedures (customer service, call centers, billing management, collections, etc.).
The transfer or handling may also be done by third parties located in countries that offer a different level of protection than what is set forth in the country of “The Organiser,” although said transfer or handling will always be done fully guaranteeing and respecting their rights.

7 - Declarations

All of the prices that appear on “THE WEBSITE” include, where applicable and unless expressly stated otherwise, all of the taxes that are applicable and the shipping costs, if they exist.

8 - Cookies on the website

Access to this website may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that, for a limited time, are stored on the hard drive of their computers and may only be read by the server that stored them. Their function is exclusively to improve the usability of the service, facilitating the user's use of “THE WEBSITE”.

The cookies that, where applicable, may be used on “THE WEBSITE” are not of an advertising nature. They are of a technical and analytical nature and are used for customization. By using them, it is possible to quantify the number of users and thus perform the statistical measurement and analysis of the users' use of the offered service, simultaneously making it possible to customize the service to the characteristics of the user and their computer.
No cookie makes it possible to contact the user's telephone number, email address or use any other means of contact. No cookie may extract information from the hard drive of the user or steal personal information. Any users who do not wish to receive cookies or want to be informed of their settings may configure their browser to that end. In addition, they may erase the aforementioned cookies from the hard drive of their computers whenever they wish to do so.

There is more information concerning the Cookies Policy of “THE WEBSITE” here

9 - Modification and Termination:

“The Organiser” reserves the right to modify the content of its Website and the conditions of use for justified reasons, safeguarding the rights of the users. Likewise, without detriment to respecting the rights acquired by the users. “The Organiser” reserves the right to terminate the provision of this service at any time.

Putting the aforementioned changes into effect will be done after sending a notification to the participants and members. By way of the modification of the Conditions of Use set forth on the page of “THE WEBSITE”, it will be deemed that said notification duty to third parties has been fulfilled.

10 - Intellectual and Industrial Property:

Both “THE WEBSITE” and the content thereof are protected by Intellectual Property laws. They may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified or subject to public communication, transfer or transformation. Access to this website does not grant the users the right to or any ownership over the intellectual property rights of the content that this website hosts.

“The Organiser” welcomes unsolicited testimonies and other opinions, considerations and comments in relation to the products or services offered by “The Organiser”. Said information may be added to the website, guaranteeing at all times acknowledgement of the authorship and privacy of the authors. To that end, and for the purpose of complying with the current laws and the technical characteristics of the medium, the materials that are sent may be subject to modifications. By sending said contributions, the authors waive all financial rights or rights of any other sort concerning them, although they may request that they be removed at any time.

The content of this website may be downloaded on the user's computer, provided that it is for private use and for no commercial purpose; therefore, they may not exploit, reproduce, distribute, modify, communicate publicly, transfer, transform or use the content of this website for public or commercial purposes.

The organiser company does not transfer ownership of its software to the users. The user is the owner of the media on which the software is recorded. The organiser company retains all industrial and intellectual property rights, including the software. If the user transfers software from this website to their computer, they may not disassemble it for study or decompile it, translate the version of the original object code or its language to another code or language.

The commercial name, trademarks, logo, products and services that this website contains, belonging to it or to third-party companies, in addition to these Conditions of Use, are protected by the law.

The content of “THE WEBSITE” is provided exclusively to the registered users for their personal enjoyment. Any other use (commercial or not) of the information contained on the website is prohibited.

The organiser company reserves the ability to exercise the legal actions that correspond to it against the users who violate or infringe upon the rights concerning databases and/or intellectual and industrial property or that of third parties.

11 - Limitation of Responsibility:

“The Organiser” is not responsible for possible problems arising from the abnormal functioning of third parties involved in the technical process of “THE WEBSITE” service. In addition, it will not be responsible for errors that occur on telecommunications networks, services rendered by Internet providers, malfunctions and dropped calls on telephone lines, faults in the verification program or difficulties in receiving communications through anti-spam filters of third parties, etc.

“The Organiser” will not be responsible in any event or for any reason for the loss of data that is transmitted incorrectly, or for any data transmitted outside of proper time frames or any data whose transfer has been prevented or hindered by technical screening systems of email providers or software.

12 - Jurisdiction and severability:

These General Conditions are subject to the laws of London. In the event of a lawsuit regarding these General Conditions, the Commercial Court of London has exclusive authority, except in the event of lawsuits involving non-merchants, for which the applicable legal rules will be applied.
If any clause included in these Conditions of Use is declared totally or partially null or void, said nullity or voiding will affect only said provision or the part thereof that is null or void. The remaining Conditions of Use will remain in effect. Said provision, or the part of it that was affected, will be deemed excluded.

None of the clauses that are set forth shall be understood in a manner that conflicts with or restricts what is set forth by compulsory rules that are applicable with regard to the rules applicable to “The Organiser” concerning the rights of consumers or users.